Traditions worth preserving

Our purpose

To continue the unbroken lineage of Indian handlooms by transforming it into meaningful luxury. 

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Our Fabrics

Hailing from a family with a century old textile history, our founder has handlooms woven right into her DNA. The fabrics she sources are truly authentic and made with exceptional craftsmanship. 

We wish there was a way for you to see these exquisite weaves and feel the incredible softness against your skin!

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The Humans of Label Rama

Product Spotlight : Jamdani

The intricate process of adding motifs to jamdani

On our mind

How handloom fabrics are made, where they come from and why they deserve (and need) your love

Why only handloom?

To be honest, it's not just about Indian handlooms here at Label Rama, although we are in love with Indian handlooms. It goes much, much deeper. There was a time...

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How we stitch

The short answer is - with obsessive attention to detail!  We started with a great team of tailors. Our Master Tailor, Sagir, has 15 years of experience working with major fashion...

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How we source

To truly explain how we source, we would have to explain Indian handlooms to you. Which is a great place to start, except that understanding Indian handlooms is a life's work....

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